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Our Boxes Are Free

You read that right. Free. And they’re not only free they’re also specifically-designed to withstand long journeys. Take a quick glance at this page for some important info. Okay it’s not the most enthralling page you’ll ever read but it will reassure you as to how we’ll be transporting your prized possessions.

First of all make sure you order more boxes than you need. They are free after all and anyway it is better to have too many than not enough! Any boxes you don’t use will be collected by us when we pick up the packed boxes - as long as they’ve not been used or damaged in any way.

We have a number of boxes custom-made for specific items such as surfboards and bicycles but here are our two most popular boxes for the everyday stuff:-

Tea Chest / Large Boxes

The ‘Tea Chest’ is the larger of the boxes we supply at 61cm x 51cm x 41cm. Ideally, you would use this box to pack big, light items such as clothes, shoes, sports equipment and bed linen.

Book Box / Standard Boxes

The ‘Book Box’ is the standard box we supply; it is 51cm x 41cm x 31cm. You would use this to pack heavier items including books, folders, CDs and DVDs.

The weight limits for each boxes will depend on the service you want (details below). If you exceed the limit our driver will ask you to repack and you could incur extra charges because the driver will have to reschedule. He/she is a busy man/woman you know.

How to pack

Use our student shipping instant quote engine to get your price now.

Packing Tips

The most important thing to remember is not to pack over the limit. You’ll incur charges plus anyone lifting your boxes may injure themselves in the process – which includes you!

If you are sending to Canada, USA the Far East or Europe, the limit is 30kg (66lbs). The same applies to air.

If you’re packing any fragile items remember to wrap them safely or surround them with softer things such as bed linen or towels.

Help us with the weight by distributing evenly all the heavier items. Don’t forget you’ll also be doing yourself a favour.

Pack items like TVs and PCs into their original packaging before putting them into one of our boxes. If you don’t have the original packaging then try your best to give them some kind of protection inside the boxes.

If you have any large items that cannot fit inside the boxes just give us a quick call for advice.

Something that may not strike you as important is the cleanliness of some of your items. Shoes, boots and sporting equipment must all be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any issues at customs. It’s also a good idea to put these sorts of items at the top of your boxes so that they can be inspected easier by quarantine officials (should you be delivering them to countries like Australia and New Zealand).

Oh and accidents can happen so we recommend you take out insurance.