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Student Storage in Edinburgh

If you’re lucky enough to be studying in Edinburgh but are currently experiencing problems with relocation and storage, just get a quick online quote from our student storage quote engine above and let us do the dirty work. It’ll give us an excuse to go to Edinburgh. We love it there.

Seven Seas Worldwide student services are available in Edinburgh, home to the historic University of Edinburgh, an academic institute that dates as far back as 1582. The student newspaper, ‘Student’ is the oldest student newspaper in the UK and was founded in 1887 by Robert Louis Stevenson.

We provide the answer to your storage needs. For a small weekly fee per box we will:-

  • • Deliver as many boxes as you need to your student accommodation in Edinburgh
  • • Collect your boxes once you have packed them
  • • Store your boxes safely in our student storage facility for as many weeks as you like
  • • Take care of your personal belongings while you go home, go travelling or go to work
  • • Deliver your boxes back to you at a time of your choosing whether it be at the same address or an entirely different location

You can start your journey today by using our FREE, no obligation, online, student storage quote service above.

Here are just a few places of education in and around Edinburgh that we regularly service:

If Edinburgh is your chosen place of study but you’ve still to find student accommodation, you may find the following links useful:

Anything else you need to know? We’ve got it covered in the FAQs.